Papaya leaf juice is certainly a health drink that you can’t do without in your home. Daily intake of this wonderful blend can bring your family to an envious state of health. More importantly when required amount is taken, it can bring your skin to a level of radiance that you think can exist only in dreams and movies. Read the health Benefits Of Papaya Leaf Juice for more insight on the wonders it works.

These ingredients will provide you with just one glass of Papaya juice blend:

  • Papaya (Pawpaw) leaf sheet –               1
  • Moringa leaf sheet –                                4

How To Extract:

    1. Tear the sheet into pieces following the natural trace on the Papaya leaf sheet
    2. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
    3. Put in a round bowl
    4. Rinse the Moringa leaf sheets as well and put in the bowl together with the Papaya leaf sheet as shown in the video
    5. Add clean water (about 50ml)

6. Squeeze continuously as if washing fabric

  1. 7.Continue squeezing until leaves turns to shafts and water turns thick green

    8. Remove the big shafts using your fingers to squeeze them out

9. Filter the juice to remove the smaller shafts using a sieve

10. Re- filter the juice to be sure there are no particles left

11. Pour juice in cup and enjoy

12. You can add sugar to help with the bitter taste but it’s better off without sugar. You can add sugar to Papaya leaf juice blend only if it’s the only option for you to take it. Trust me Papaya leaf juice blend is better with sugar than never


  • Adult:                                                     50ml twice daily

  • Children:                                               25ml once daily

  • For treatment of ailment or diseases in adults; Read diseases that can be cured with Papaya leaf juice blend:           150ml twice daily