Let’s me just start by illustrating how Jesus Christ and his apostles sang a hymn. It was rather said they “rejoiced in God” than made fine music. But then again you will realize that this (singing a hymn) state of heart will neither want a voice or ear to find a tune for a psalm


Everyone, at some point or the other, finds himself able to sing in some degree; there are some times and occasions of joy, that make all people ready to express their sense of it in some sort of harmony. The joy that they feel forces them to let their voice have a part in it


Singing indeed, as it is improved into an art, signifies the running of the voice through such and such a compass of notes. Singing signifies a motion of the voice suitable to the motions of the heart and the changing of its tone according to the meaning of the words which we utter

singing 2

Singing is as natural and common to all men as it is to speak high when they threaten in anger or to speak low when they are dejected and ask for a pardon. In simpler words, all men are singers in the same manner as all men think, speak, laugh and lament. Singing is no more an invention than grief or joy are inventions

If you are human, then you too can sing…