Hey there! Are you a lover of fluffy cake? Have you ever wondered if you could make cake yourself at home? Have you ever thought you couldn’t make cake for your family because you don’t have mixer and oven as you thought required? Then I’m happy to break the news to you that from today you can start making your own family cake in your kitchen every Sunday using your “Gas”. I’m going to give detailed instructions with videos in this article and I bet after you follow these instructions on how to make cake in your kitchen, you will thank me…

These is the list of recipe you need for your homemade fluffy cake and ‘viola’, you are all set:

  • Margarine                              500g
  • Granulated Sugar                 250g
  • Chicken Eggs                        6pieces
  • Flour                                       5 Milk Tin Full
  • Evaporated Milk                   Half Tin (Optional) or
  • Powdered Milk                      2Tablespoon Full (Optional) or both
  • Baking Powder                      1Teaspoon Full
  • Salt                                          A Pinch
  • Liquid Flavor                         Optional

These are the materials you need for making your homemade fluffy cake:

  • A Rounded 5liters Bowl
  • A Rounded Wooden Stick
  • A Big Pot ( At least 5liters)
  • Baking Pan/ Rounded Stainless Bowl that will conveniently enter the pot you want to use
  • Cooking Gas

Step 1

Scoop your margarine in the provided bowl and add sugar. You can increase or reduce the sugar quantity to suit your taste. Place the bowl in a comfortable position in between your legs and blend the sugar with the margarine. Then you start mixing the margarine- sugar batter in either a clockwise or anti- clockwise direction depending on how comfortable it would be for you over time. You keep turning towards a direction until the margarine completely turns into a whitish and fluffy solution. This time it would have risen and tripled in size but very light. Note that this turning process may prove strength taking so you may want to rest at intervals and leave the batter since you don’t have any time limit. If there are more hands (people), you may also want to pass it round among yourselves to make it faster. The most important thing is for you to get a light fluffy batter.

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Step 2

Break all the eggs in a bowl and whisk or beat with fork vigorously until it becomes less thick and foamy. This shouldn’t take more than two minutes to achieve. Then you will add the egg into the batter and mix to blend as in the video below

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Step 3

Pour your flour into a different bowl and add the baking powder and a pinch of salt if you like. If you are using powdered milk, add it to the flour at this stage. You may also want to add nutmeg and if you like a chocolate cake, you can add two tablespoon full of dry chocolate and mix thoroughly with hand ( Clean dry hands). Start adding the flour into your batter bit by bit while folding it in ( do not turn like before). Fold all flour content in the batter and blend properly

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Step 4

This is the stage where you add your evaporated milk and flavor if desired. Blend with the batter as shown in the video below. If your batter proves too sticky after this then you can add a bit of water to reduce the thickness. It must not be watery either so you should know how to maintain a  balance

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Step 5

Rub the inside of your baking pan with butter and add little flour into it. Spread the flour evenly to cover the butter you rubbed and then turn the pan upside down to dust away the leftover flour. Then you scoop your batter into the pan until it is half empty. This is because the cake needs to rise and it needs more space to rise.

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Step 6

Pour a little water in your pot and place the baking pan inside carefully. The water in the pot should not reach half the baking pan after you place it inside to avoid water bubbles from entering into the cake when boiling. If the water in the pot reaches up to half then remove the baking pan and reduce the water and then place it back carefully. Cover the pot and place it carefully on your lit gas. Lower the gas to a reasonable degree and leave for about 15 minutes. To check if your cake is done, deep a toothpick inside out. If the toothpick comes out clean then your cake is ready. If it has some batter stains then cover it back and leave until done. When it is completely done, leave it to cool very well and then turn out of baking pan carefully

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