I have many times wondered how religion is a solid base for Nigeria’s politics. Religious sentiments precedes tribal sentiments in Nigeria’s politics and you can be sure that citizens do not vote based on credibility but sentiments. So what I think is that over Nigeria’s independent years, it has been either Muslims or Christians ruling as presidents and at that, we are still where we are today. Yet these two religions are not just the religions that exist in Nigeria. There are Traditionalists with high profile in Nigerian politics who are also driven by the love of Nigeria but their interests will never see the light of the day because we all think Traditionalists are either herbalists or witches. We don’t even want to imagine it. If you are interested enough to seek detailed knowledge about these people and the religion, then you would know they deserve a chance. I’ve heard of few that have handled strategic posts in the past and have recorded success not to mention names.This is just my own opinion. Do you think they should be given a chance to rule us?