It’s funny how people think “Monsters” are only imaginary features. Monsters are not only imaginary. They exist in all of us. For clarity, sake I do not mean that the imaginary monster picture we have in our head lives inside us. Everyone has one or more particular habits that they ain’t proud of. You may call it BAD HABITS but I call it THE MONSTER IN YOU.


Are you the type that sprays saliva on people when you are talking to them? Do not be ashamed because there are a million people who does worst things but hides them well enough to go unnoticed. But come to think of it. Haven’t you noticed that people maintain a reasonable distance from you anytime you are engaging in a conversation? Do you usually get carried away with conversations that you don’t notice the whitish thin spit sequence that draws between your palate and your tongue? Do you usually get so engrossed that you refuse to notice people’s countenance any time you talk. If they don’t  tell you, I will. That is very irritating and repelling. You need to attend to it as soon as possible.


Then you will come across some people whose fingers can’t depart from their nostrils. These kind of people are very common. These category of people are called the DIGGING MONSTERS. They dig out the mucus in their nostrils with their finger all the time. As if they’ve not done enough, then you will see them using it to rub their hands or any surface around them. And they are always the first to extend their hands for hand shake. Haba! How much is tissue paper or handkerchief? This is unfair. The most annoying ones are those who don’t even have any dirt in their nostrils. They just enjoy digging deep. King Solomon Mine! Are you digging Diamond? Stop it please.


There are some who enjoys farting in public. These ones are the FARTING MONSTERS. No matter how accurate you are with smell, you will never catch them. They are the less suspicious ones amidst crowd. Please for God’s sake, if your system does not like Beans, stop eating it. If you eat what your system agrees with, then you would be able to hold your fart in public. Some would even prefer to belch instead and the offensive odor will surpass that of fart. Please take note.


Angry eaters!  These are the EATING MONSTERS.Why do you eat as if someone is coming to get the food from you if you don’ eat it on time? Why does your mouth make terrible sounds as if you are doing it intentionally? Please exercise a little patience and everything will fall in place.


When I notice some people’s mouths always opened, I naturally assume that something always keeps them surprised and they are always left wondering. If not so, how could a perfect created individual not know how to keep his lips shut when not talking or describing? This is a matter of self discipline. If God did not create you an imbecile, why not give it conscious effort to force those lips closed especially when you are a lady. It is not nice. Ain’t you concerned about rude insects that could just perch between those agape lips and deposit some dangerous toxins and you wonder why you often fall sick. This is the reason. Keep your mouth shut. I don’t even know which monster name to call you but please stop it for this article’s sake.


The SNORING MONSTERS. This are the most popular monsters in the world. If you have this monster in you, then you must have experienced series of embarrassment from friends, families, in- laws etc. I do not want to aggravate things with harsh words. But seriously snoring is not nice. It is disturbing and disgusting. Az a mattal of emergenzy (in Falz’s voice), you need medical attention. If that doesn’t work just fine then get yourself a SNORING GUARD. I do not say these lightly. Do not sleep out or at your in- law’s place if you don’t have a solution yet. You may think it’s normal as a lot of people snores but let me tell you, even those that snores heavily still condemns snorers as long as you are a guest in their house. Please attend to it. Below are pictures of SNORING GUARD. Get one today.


Let me save other “monsters” for another day. But if there’s any monster stated here in you, it means it is due for attention. Concerned people should not take it lightly as it may spoil things beyond expectation. Am I also concerned! Maybe! Smiles…

Written by

Fakorede Yetunde

Justtalent’s Blog.