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Texapon is technically known as SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE (SLES). It as also a foaming agent in liquid soap. It is a whitish or colorless gel- like substance that looks like starch. Texapon is not a compulsory agent in soap making. Some soap producers don’t even use it at all. Instead, they make use of enough SULPHONIC ACID which will give them maximal outcome. But in some areas where hard water is all they can find, Texapon is mostly compulsory because it is also a WATER SOFTENING AGENT. In such areas, no matter the amount of SULPHONIC ACID you use, your soap won’t just lather (foam). Yet some who even have access to DISTILLED WATER (the best for soap making) still make use of Texapon because it is a low budget foaming agent. Some just make use of it for no reason at all. They just can’t afford leaving out any agent.

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