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STPP also known as TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE is a “builder” agent and a water softener. In hard water (water that contains high concentrations of Mg2+ and Ca2+) soap agents are deactivated thereby STPP serves as a neutralizer for such hard water.

STPP functions in several ways. It increases the alkalinity of the wash solution, which helps the surfactant activity and also helps to emulsify fats and oils in the soiled fabrics. They also help to “break” clay-types of dirt from the fabrics, and combine with it to help prevent it from redepositing on the fabrics. “STPP”is a non-toxic, superior laundry cleaning soap agent. The glaring result of STPP is the GLITTERING effect you get in the process of adding the chemical. It forms a very glittery solution that makes your soap as clear as crystal even when you don’t use the best of waters. (Be sure to use the best of waters). Like, SODA ASH, STPP is also friendly and romantic but DO NOT JOKE WITH CHEMICALS.