Beyoncé recently released a poem dedicating her unborn twin babies to Osun and Yemoja. I don’t know how people see this but isn’t it an eye opener that a foreigner can acknowledge and claim our own heritage when we ourselves are quick to despise it at every chance thrown at us…

” Mother is a cocoon where

cells spark, limbs form, mother

swells and stretches to protect her

child, mother has one foot in this world

and one foot in the next

mother, black venus


I look at photographs of my mother

when she was pregnant with me

does she feel how I feel now?


venus falls in love,

flowers grow wherever

love touches her, this

is how she is reborn


girl turning into woman

woman turning into mother

mother turning into venus


i’m watching life inside me grow;

there’s life growing inside of me

and i’m beside myself with dreams


was it your voice I heard? you speak to me

from inside me,


I have three hearts.


in the dream I am crowning



and yemoja

pray around my bed,


I can smell jasmine,

I wake up as someone

places a wreath

upon my head.


venus has flooded me,

second planet from the sun,

I wake up on her foamy shore


she wants to take me to meet my children

I’ve done this before I’m still nervous