I want to use this medium to share one or two words with our readers on how to handle being a star. On an average notion of a layman, a star is someone who is into entertainment in one way or the other and has reached the peak of his or her career. I will go by that simple definition to appeal to our upcoming ‘Stars’ to thread carefully. It never will be easy as many things will change, friends will become foes, enemies will become pals, people will flock around, media choke most of all, keeping up with flamboyant lifestyle. It is very important to note that you should quit aspiring to be a star if you are not the type that can handle all these and more with maturity. Talking about flamboyant lifestyle, it’s never a criteria for being a star and that should not be your focus when you find yourself there one day. Let me put a pause for today as I will be talking explicitly about attitudes that accompanies stardom come next episode on “when you become a star” which will come up next week.

Yours Truly,

Fakorede Yetunde.